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Media dies from Trump taking hydroxychloroquine

Sad news today from everywhere. After President Trump’s bold admission that he has been taking a drug prescribed by his doctor, the media went into a panic. This drug is apparently so dangerous that the side effects blew right past the President and took out almost the entire mainstream media. CNN is a shell of its former self but we can’t tell if that is a result of this or their content. MSNBC has been wiped off the map completely as they were apparently so horrified that they all turned to stone. A spokesman for the mainstream media had this to say,

“We’ve been telling you for years this man is going to have us all killed. Now look what he’s done. By taking a medication that his doctors told him was safe to take, he killed us. This is totally unacceptable. He needs to be held accountable.”

Details are unclear on how the side effects left the President unharmed and managed to kill people who didn’t take the drug. That doesn’t seem important though. What is important is that Donald Trump is a mad man, a bad man, a mad bad man and we have to stop him. #Resist.

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