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MACA: Make America In China Again

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Just as the MAGA movement is coming to an end, a new movement is coming to take its place. Well it’s not new exactly, it’s been around for decades and happens to be the reason that the policies of every President since 92’ seemed to run together pretty smoothly and not change very much, especially when it comes to foreign policy and trade. It’s the MACA movement, Make America in China Again, and it is extremely popular with the elite few who make the major decisions that steer this country. It’s why America’s manufacturing base has disappeared and entire communities have died a slow death with citizens leaving, overdosing, and killing themselves in record numbers. A MACA-hatted supporter of Joe Biden and the Chinese Communist Party had this to say,

“I don’t see why these people whine about their jobs being shipped to China, they were shitty jobs anyway. What we need are better paying green jobs that pay a living wage and health insurance and lifelong security and complete happiness no matter what. Until factories can do that, they have to go to China where it’s ok to not do any of those things. Why is it ok to use slave labor over there? Well.... Lol, it’s China. MACA!”

Donald Trump was the first one to challenge Make America in China (MAC), and that helps explain why the establishment spent four years doing everything they could to ruin him; The Russia garbage that went on for years, the Ukraine nothing that got him impeached, and when all of that failed, they used a pandemic and riots and mail-in voting to make sure former lifeguard and CCP puppet Joe Biden got the right people back in power. Trump’s MAGA movement was the first resistance against the selling out of working class America, and that is why it was snuffed out and the MACA movement will carry us to the promised land of government dependence and deaths of despair while the elites tell us everything is better than it’s ever been. An elite who doesn’t know he hates regular Americans shared this,

“Thank God a good man like Joe Biden is back in power. Trump was changing the norms, doing things the wrong way, he was going to stop the thing that made me rich and had middle America kililng themselves. I mean, how uncool is that? I could have lost a lot of money.”

Joe Biden is a former lifeguard.

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