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  • TJ Shaver

Looks mostly peaceful to me

They are saying Trump supporters have stormed the capitol and are running through the buildings and onto the floor of the senate, wielding weapons and causing chaos. I tried to see it that way, but after a year of watching federal buildings attacked and set on fire and people murdered in the streets and hearing it called mostly peaceful… I feel the urge to say this was not only mostly peaceful but… Mainly peaceful? All the way peaceful? How about just… Peaceful? Someone was shot, which is bad. I also remember 35 people were killed in the mostly peaceful protests, thousands injured, hundreds of them cops, cops were murdered, cops were targeted, cops were executed, a Trump supporter was targeted and executed and it was called mostly peaceful. Nancy Pelosi still calls all of that mostly peaceful. I think Nancy Pelosi having to have ‘mostly peaceful’ knocking on her office door and scaring the shit out of her the way the left and Antifa and BLM have been scaring the shit out of everyone for almost an entire year is a good thing and I’m glad it happened. These are the people you called deplorable for wanting deaths of despair to end so they and their families would stop overdosing and killing themselves. These are the people the media called ignorant and uneducated and hateful for electing someone who remembered they existed and wanted them to stop dying and killing themselves out of desperation. The people storming the capitol were the people the media called ignorant science denying murderers because they want to open their business that they’ve poured their lives into so they can feed their families, these are the people who are called hateful and ignorant because they want to work so they can feed their families, these are the people who are called violent and hateful and ignorant if they dare to voice an opinion that opposed the mainstream and the democrat party in any way. My only question to the people who are outraged over this is, what did you think was going to happen? I can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner, we have been getting slapped in the face and forced to apologize for it for decades and the past four years has done nothing but increase the abuse and the demand for compliance. I don’t care if the politicians who sell out the American people every day and get rich doing it have a mostly peaceful nightmare where the unrest they created with their disregard for the citizens they work for comes into their place of work and makes them feel the threat of death that we have been feeling ever since they started letting riots be called protests and letting violence be justified as long as it aligned with their political viewpoint. I have one message for the people peacefully storming the heart of darkness right now,

“So, yeah, um, hey guys storming the capitol, don’t do that ok, it’s real bad. It’s such a shame to see the worst hypocrites and humans in America get a tiny dose of their own medicine. Ohhh nooo, don’t tear Nancy Pelosi’s office apart… Oh well, it’s just property, right? Isn’t that what you said over and over and over and over Nancy? Why are politicians suddenly sacred and citizens disposable? These people are clowns and it’s about time they got under the tent with the rest of us and felt what this circus is actually like.”

I won’t apologize for finally showing up to a fight where I’d been getting sucker punched my whole life without even realizing it.

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