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  • TJ Shaver

Listen to the experts. JK. **** the experts.

Say ‘expert’ to me. Please. I need to hit something right now, and it’s going to be the next person that mentions the absolute ass clowns we refer to as the ‘experts.’ These people are fools. The CDC is a parade of buffoons so laughably wrong about everything that I treat their press releases like sketch comedy. Watching Joe Biden tell us to stay in quarantine for another 6 months while we all look around wondering who the hell has been quarantining is so silly that I can’t believe all 7 people who voted for the guy haven’t apologized to us personally for cheating this ass-hat into the White House. Dr. Fauci sucks. He’s also a liar. He’s been in government so long I can’t believe anybody would listen to him. I thought our government and the whole system was racist and bad and evil, so why do we love anyone who has been a part of that system longer than they’ve been alive? Shouldn’t the left hate Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci and every other life long bureaucrat who has done nothing but use the system they claim to hate to make themselves untouchable millionaires who get to tell us what to do while they do what they’ve always done which is live lives of luxury and sniff children(at best) and fly to Epstein Island to go beyond sniffing every chance they get, which is what Dr. Fauci has done, along with every other prominent democrat in the country. I don’t forget, even when you do. If you are a democrat, everyone you vote for is a pedophile. Good choice, Idiot. So my new motto is to not only NOT listen to the experts, but to actively say ‘Screw the Experts’ except when I say it I use the F word because I am an extremely flawed human being and God is still working on me, but hey, progress baby, never perfection.

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