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LGBT activists suing alphabet for monopoly on letters

LGBT activists raised the alarm today about an issue that is being overlooked. They tweeted that they need new letters for their new acronym since new genders and sexual orientations are being added every day. Spokes-entity WindWhisperWilderness had this to say,

"Every time we need a new letter people are just like 'oh why don't you just take the whole alphabet' and blah blah. Well we would. But it's not enough. We need more. Way more."

The tweets raised awareness on other issues as well, such as our alphabet only having 26 letters. To represent all genders and orientations, experts recommend a minimum of 300 letters.

"We've talked to doctors and scientists of language and whatnot. We know what we need. Just give it to us."

As of our last update we have found out that the alphabet is not something that can be sued. We will continue on this story until we find out who or what they will be suing.

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