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  • TJ Shaver

Leftists keep assaulting senior citizens

If someone in a MAGA hat slapped an 80 year old, it would be international news for Trump’s entire term. That isn’t an exaggeration, that is what would happen. So why is it that members of Antifa and BLM harass, attack, and assault senior citizens on a regular basis and the media doesn’t mention it? If you think I’m making this up then you haven’t seen the videos. This has been happening for 4 years now. It’s a pattern. It happens often and it’s been happening more often. If you aren’t paying attention to it you should because people shouldn’t be slapping 80 year old women because they don't hate America. Someone who hasn’t been paying attention had this to say,

“Well there’s violence on both sides.”

Nah. Not really. People have recently had to defend themselves so as not to be murdered or beaten senseless by angry mobs but if right wing people were out committing violence you would know it. It would be international news for the next 4 years. If you have been paying attention you’ve seen escalating and coordinated violence from the alt-left for the past 5 years.

Remember the CHAZ? There were 4 murders there. It never gets talked about. There have been 33 people killed in what the media keeps calling peaceful protests. Murder in Chicago and New York and Minneapolis is rising so fast it seems like a decimal point error whenever you try to mention it. The violence is coming from one direction and if you don’t believe it, look into it and then admit you were wrong when you see the overwhelming evidence that you were wrong. Believe it or not, the side using slogans like “burn it all down” and “we need a revolution” and “by any means necessary” are willing to commit violence. A leftist had this to say,

“We’re ready to burn it all to the ground.”

That’s a real quote that I’ve been hearing from the left every day for years. I’m ready to start believing the things they have been saying non stop for years.

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