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  • TJ Shaver

Knife fight? No. 'Conflict resolution by blade.'

The list of things that democrats will defend is so long and stupid it looks like John Kerry’s face. (burn). If you want to be a democrat you have to defend people murdering people in the name of someone overdosing. That sounds stupid, because it is stupid. It is also true. You have to defend open borders rhetoric while also screaming about kids your own party put in cages and then when your big bad guy fixes the problem you have to ignore it and then when your guy starts it again you have to pretend it’s the other guy's fault even though he ended it and you started it. You have to be complexly dumb to believe these things. The logical deficiencies required to be a democrat are far too lengthy and explaining them would get so prolix and confusing that you would get bored and any democrat who tripped over this on their way to the stupid store wouldn’t understand it anyway. With all of that being said, I’ll say this… Knife fights are being defended. Teenagers in knife fights. Children stabbing each other. Is being encouraged by democrats. Democrats say it’s ok for children to stab each other to death. I think that’s pretty cool. Let them fight. If you want to bring a knife to a fist fight, i guess you won didn’t ya? I don’t see this escalating. I see it ending all problems. This is good. Democrats aren’t dumb at all. Just call it something that sounds good like they do with every stupid policy they have. Bladed Resolution. Bladed Bonding. Blades, Blood, Bonding. It doesn’t matter, pick any of them, the media will love it, celebrities will drool over themselves to promote shit they don’t believe in to get paid money they don’t need to buy stuff they don’t want, all while telling us we are racist and greedy even though they are the ones saying black kids should stab each other to death. People are getting alarmingly ignorant. It’s annoying. It’s dangerous. It’s ignorant. Its typical democrat bull**** and I wish they would stop before they get us all killed. Idiots.

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