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Kamala nearly answers a question; brags instead

The debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris was Wednesday night and it was extremely one-sided. Mike Pence kept having the gall to call Kamala out for lying and dodging questions and being a liar who dodges questions. The media called it mansplaining, and they called it that a lot. Which means Mike Pence beat her so badly that the only thing they could hang on to was a made up word that infuriates me. At one point Kamala was so rattled she nearly answered a question. She didn’t though, she chose to rant about how amazing she is for being a woman. Kamala said this after the debate even though no one was listening,

“I don’t have to answer a question just because a man called me out for lying and dodging every question. I am a strong, proud, nearly black woman, and Mike Pence is a white man, and he was mansplaining. He doesn’t have the right to call me out every time I say something patently false, because everything I say is patently false. It’s so unfair.”

For a media that believes women and men are 100% equal in every way, they were extremely quick to play the victim and say Pence was too mean. That’s because Kamala was terrible in the debate, she didn’t know anything, and all she did was quote the same media lies about Trump from the past four years that have been debunked so many times I can’t believe she was actually bringing them up. She proved that she is not just charmless, she also doesn’t know anything. Kamala added this even though we tried not to hear her,

“Here’s the deal. Let’s be real clear here. We’ve been very clear about this all along. Joe is going to die very soon, and I’m going to be the President ok? Even if he survives I’ll be running things. So don’t worry about what I know or don’t know, or what I’m going to do. Just vote for me. I’m a black woman. I mean, what else could you want?”

An answer to any of the questions that were asked during the debate. That’s all.

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