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Kamala gets face tat to prove she's not a narc

Before Kamala Harris debates Mike Pence her staff encouraged her to distance herself from her past as a prosecutor. They want people to forget that she jailed minorities for low level offenses and kept them imprisoned longer than necessary because California needed the cheap labor because they are a communist state being run into the ground by bad ideologies and power hungry buffoons. She wore a pair of Timberlands last week in a desperate effort to look like she isn’t a plastic politician and one of the most privileged human beings to ever live. Her assistant shared this with us through the bars of her cage,

“She just wants to be cool. After a lifetime of trying to put black people in jail for anything she could think of, she’s decided she wants to be a part of that community. That’s why she claimed to smoke weed and listen to rap and she wore the Timberlands. She’s gone too far now. I never should have told her that though, I mean I know how much she loves throwing people in cages…”

Kamala has all the charm of the automated message that tells you your spaceship is about to self-destruct, with her voice bringing a similar impending sense of doom. She is smart and she was a good prosecutor and appears to be a good politician but she is not cool. She should embrace her own intelligence and work ethic instead of pandering and pretending to care about a community she has never been a part of. The guy who tattooed her face told us this,

“I felt bad doing it, but it’s what she wanted. I don’t think she even knows what it means to tell you the truth.”

It means murder.

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