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Kamala offers to give Biden Vaccine herself

Kamala Harris loves being the first female Vice President to a former lifeguard so much that she is already anxious for that next step. Every time Biden coughs, which is often, there is an undeniable sparkle in Kamala’s eye that she can’t hide, nor would she want to. They’ve made no secret about the fact that this will be a Harris administration with the help of Joe Biden, mainly because of his credentials as a former lifeguard. They both referred to the “Harris administration” in the tiny bit of campaigning they actually did. Kamala shared this today when she accidentally talked to the press for once,

“Joe is great. He’s so great that I have volunteered to personally oversee him getting the vaccine. He should get the first dose, and I want to inject it. I can even bring my own special batch from home. It’ll be great, we can play some hip-hop, talk about Corn Pop and um... and other black people we’ve used for political purposes. I just care…. Sooo much….”

At this point I thought she was having a seizure but she was just trying to pretend to cry. Crying wasn’t programmed into her when she was engineered, which has also made her attempts at laughter off balance, erratic, and downright frightening. Luckily as the first female President she won’t need to laugh or cry, she can be the robot she is and perform all of the establishment’s bidding like an obedient swamp creature, because that’s what she is, a…. Swamp robot… Biden had this to say regarding Kamala’s offer to euthanize him,

“She’s the first articulate, clean, black woman that I could find, but unfortunately she’s a little too old to rub my legs. That’s the children’s job. I have hairy legs.”

Lol. We know Joe. We know.

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