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Kamala asked basic question; nearly cries

Kamala Harris is running for Vice President of the most powerful country in the world. She is the most important VP pick in history because Joe Biden is the oldest candidate in history and is obviously not going to be able to handle a full inauguration much less a full term in office. You would think we would know where she stands on the issues but she hasn’t held one press conference or done a single substantial interview since the pick. She performed poorly in the debates relying on emotion and playing the victim to buy herself time to avoid all policy issues with identity politics and flowery rhetoric. Basic common sense told me this in my brain earlier today,

“If you refuse to say where you stand on one single issue you shouldn’t be allowed to run for any public office. You should have to admit where you stand on at least one issue before you expect people to vote. This is so obvious that no one ever thought to make it a rule. Also, Kamala is a narc.”

She had an interview on 60 minutes and she was finally asked a couple questions, which she still failed to answer. She apparently didn’t know her voting record was on the record and tried to blame Mike Pence for labeling her as the most liberal Senator in America when it was simply the facts. Then when asked if she was a socialist or progressive she laughed like a psychopath and then almost cried as she explained that she was a black woman and her mother is an immigrant and she likes hip hop. It was the worst performance I’ve ever seen by a politician after being asked one question that wasn’t even difficult. Kamala said this regarding whether or not she knows anything about policy at all,

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I am a black woman in America. HAHAHAHA, I like rap music, HAHAHA, I mean, what do you want to know? HAHAHHAHA?????”

We just want to know your opinions on public policy, especially considering you might be the next President. The fact that she hasn’t been slightly pushed to answer anything until two weeks before the election proves that our media is beyond biased, it is a part of the democrat party and will do whatever it takes to keep democrats in office.

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