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  • TJ Shaver

Journalism gets Epstein'd

Journalism is dead. That much is obvious. It was brutally murdered right in front of everyone and most of the world just stood there watching it happen and saying nothing. With people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden being exiled and forced to live on the run, journalism is effectively illegal. Glenn Greenwald getting fired from his own publication for writing an obvious truth shows that no one is safe from the Thought Police. A journalist’s job is to gather facts and report them and if you do that you are a criminal. No wonder almost every journalist working is an activist and opinion spewer with no talent and horrible opinions. They have become the Ministry of Truth and they tell you what is true as it changes minute by minute and anything that changes is thrown down the memory hole and saying something that happened last week actually happened makes you a conspiracy theorist because no record of it exists and there is a record of them saying that it definitely didn’t happen. The ghost of George Orwell shared this with me after he politely asked me to stop constantly referencing him and his work,

“I warned you.”

He did warn us and so did Aldous Huxley and so did Ray Bradbury. They saw what communism did and they tried to warn us. 1984 wasn’t incredibly prescient, it was incredibly accurate in describing Stalinism and what happened in Russia and extrapolating where technology would take that. Watching it happen in front of you while academics and media figures and celebrities tell you how and what to think is not only terrifying but incredibly frustrating. Massive amounts of people truly believe the corporate media and Hollywood and Wall Street and almost every politician truly has their best interest at heart. That’s preposterous. These companies aren’t woke they are soulless entities trying to survive in a suddenly Maoist market. Journalism has been consumed by the virus that wokeness is, and now it is dead and we are being forced to pretend that it isn’t, and if it is, that Donald Trump killed it. The media has always been biased, and for as long as I’ve been alive and at least 50 years preceding that, that bias has been to the left. The mask is off now and like it or not, Donald Trump forced them to take off their masks, showing them as the murderers of journalism that they truly are. Any journalist voting for Joe Biden is a fraud and will regret it when they are ousted for being old or white or old and white or existing while the old whites were still accepted or whatever reason they come up with to get rid of you. I would say good luck, because you need it, but you don't deserve it.

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