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  • TJ Shaver

Joe Rogan just murdered your entire family

I knew it. I knew Joe Rogan was a monster back when he said men shouldn’t beat women to death for entertainment purposes. Then he said he owned guns, and believed other Americans should be allowed to own them as well. He hosts horrible monsters on his show, monsters that believe in homophobic things like God, and racist things like being from the South, the south being defined as anywhere that isn’t New York, L.A, or just insert any major city that is run by democrats, you know the ones, they are on fire and crime is sky rocketing and babies are being executed in broad daylight because racial justice. If racial justice means we let people in the inner cities execute babies with impunity, I saw racial justice is the last f******* thing anyone needs, ever, anywhere. The “defund the police” rhetoric that you claim “doesn’t mean what it says” meant what it said, and the rest of your cop hating nonsense has made it so that cops either quit or just refuse to do their jobs. So the criminals are doing their jobs. They are murdering people and it is out of control, because every celebrity and democrat and “neutral” idiot in the country says the police are the problem. That type of thinking is so lazy you shouldn’t be allowed to think anymore. So that is going on. And we are supposed to be mad because Joe Rogan said if you’re young and healthy maybe you don’t need to wear a mask outside. All true things, every factor he included. No wonder the left freaked out. They hate the truth, science, facts, logic, reason, thinking, sense, intelligence, ad infinitum. Seriously, I could do this all day, they hate anything that is true. The science has said what Joe Rogan said from day one and never wavered, the idiots that say follow the science just never listen to the science. We are being told we need to remain afraid and scared and masked, even if you are young, even if you are healthy, even if you are outside, and even if you are vaccinated. I heard an “expert” on NPR say today that it isn’t necessarily about the spread at this point, it’s about “compliance.” I damn near threw my tuna at a stranger when I heard that, because she just said what we’ve all been saying for a year, and she said with a straight face and she meant it and nobody cared or said anything. This has never been about the virus and it definitely isn’t now. The ruling class believes we’ve all been locked inside not seeing anyone or doing anything for a year. That tells you all you need to know about who is running the show. Out of touch buffoons who just want power and just want you to comply. Don’t comply. Don’t ever comply. Take the silly mask off. Don’t wear it anymore. Grow a spine. Grow some balls. Grow up. Grow whatever the hell you need to grow in order to say no more, and next time someone tells you to wear a mask tell them that Joe Rogan is about to murder them.

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