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Joe Biden debates himself; Loses

In a special live-streamed event today former lifeguard Joe Biden held a debate with himself. It all started out well for the first six to seven seconds. That is when he really started to fall behind with his arguments. Supporters are claiming that he was trying to prove a deeper point about the futility of the current debate format. Far right trolls are saying he’s losing his mind. Progressives are saying Bernie needs to take over. His spokesperson had this to say,

“Joe is fine. He did lose the debate, yes. But for there to be a loser there has to be a winner correct? Well since he was debating himself, that means he also won. Even in loss, he is a winner. That is exactly who we need as President right now. A loser who can win.”

Most Democrats seem to agree that Joe won today. No one backtracked on their endorsements and the rest of the former 2020 Democratic candidates gave him their full throated, halfhearted approval as well. The mainstream media are also still giving him their full support and lots of donations. They did their part by not covering it at all.

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