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Jim Acosta blasts Trump for not noticing his new haircut

Donald Trump's attacks on the free press continued today as he battled it out with CNN superstar reporter Jim Acosta. Acosta looked amazing in his tailored suit and he was also sporting a brand new haircut that every decent person remarked on as soon as they saw him. Donald Trump didn’t even notice.

Every reporter is allowed one question. The first question Acosta asked was about why Trump didn’t institute his racist and xenophobic travel ban sooner. His second question was if Trump was ready to take the blame for every death that has happened globally during his tenure as President. After shrugging off these hard-hitting journalism questions Acosta really started sticking it to the President. His third quesion was :

“Ok ok so you’re not responsible for American deaths in the Vietnam war. Sure you’re not. Whatever you say Mr. quote unquote President. But what about this? My hair? Can you see this? This is a new hairdo. I even got different highlights. It’s blatantly obvious to everyone in this room that I have a beautiful new haircut, and all you wanna talk about is the f&*#$%g corona virus. Fine, whatever, see if I care.”

Totally taken aback by what can only be described as white hot journalism in action, Trump gave a puzzled look and said “This is why CNN is failing. Next question.” Which was totally unpresidential and unprofessional and just such a jerk move. It is also a lie, I fly all the time and I see CNN on in every airport. It’s obviously not failing at all. Soooo many people go to airports. I tried to reach Acosta for comment but he had a hair appointment.

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