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Intellectual sloth; a Progressive disease

The world isn’t getting more stupid by the day, the buffoons in charge are just revealing themselves to be more stupid by the day. Regular people aren’t nearly as deficient in their thinking and reasoning skills as the bozos we’ve elected to represent us. So what are they representing? They represent the mindset of the elites, they represent what is happening on college campuses and they represent the rot that has destroyed the intelligentia in America. They have a disease, a progressive disease not just in the sense that it gets worse over time, but also a disease that comes from Progressive politics. Someone suffering from intellectual sloth, a mind virus that happens in the late stages of Progressivism, shared this with me against my will,

“Just wear the damn mask. It’s just to save lives, the government just wants what is best for all of us, why is that so hard to believe? Government overreach? What’s that? Just because they tell you whether you can work or not, or let your kids go to school, or how many people you can have in your house, or whether or not you get to see your family ever again or not, that doesn’t mean they’ve gone too far, they just care. They care alotttttt.”

That person is clearly knocking on death’s door, intellectual sloth isn’t a death sentence but it can be fatal. The disease can be caught from reading Karl Marx, the man that inspired every dictator in the 20th century, or from attending a University that has been overrun by Marxists and identity politics and diversity officers, a term so Orwellian the Orwell estate should sue them for using it. If left untreated, long term intellectual sloth can lead to watching CNN, believing CNN, parroting the propaganda like saying a claim is “without evidence” every time your opponent says something true. Some have even believed Ellen Page when she said she is a man, and those same people will call you a science denier. Clown World never peaks and progressivism never stops progressing, and that’s more than just a correlation. A rational human who isn’t suffering from intellectual sloth would think more along these lines,

“She isn’t a man. You can’t just say your’e a man and then it becomes true. That’s insane.”

That’s Progressivism.

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