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Insult to injury; Congress learns to add

The Stimulus that Congress put together is… I don’t know how to say it. Preposterous feels hyperbolic even when it isn’t, and it’s definitely NOT hyperbolic. Insane seems to work but the word is so overused it just doesn’t hit right. Ludicrous is fitting but also makes you think of Ludacris which will inevitably lead to wasting time listening to Luda when you should be coming up with words to describe how much Congress sucks. It’s outrageous, it’s awful. It’s insulting. After a year where politicians bludgeoned small businesses until their arms got tired and also prevented millions of people from working and basically crippled our entire economy for the foreseeable future, it’s like adding insult to injury. A member of Congress who just learned how to add shared this earlier today,

“Did you know numbers never stop going, like, ever? We’ve been trying to spend until we hit the final number, but it turns out there isn’t one. It’s crazy, and you don’t have to count them all one by one either, you can do this thing called ‘adding’ and it saves like, a lot of time. Today we added an insult to the injury inflicted on the American worker. It’s like calling them a mean name after slapping them in the face. You know, two birds, one stone… Hey! I totally get that phrase now!”

The people in Congress are not just out of touch elites spending our hard earned money on infinite stupid bulls!#@, they are also dummies. I don’t care if the stimulus had a spending bill attached to it, the things in it were… Preposterous? Insane? Ludicrous? All of the above. People are suffering, struggling, begging not for a handout but for their own job back, the right to earn a living and have dignity and purpose. I expect democrats to be out of touch, to be Godless charlatans and debaucherous clowns, and they are, but Republicans haven’t done anything to brag about. They show up to lose but make it look competitive. One of the career losers shared this today after losing,

“This bill I voted for is a disgrace. How could anyone vote for this bill I voted for? How can the bill I voted for do this to the American people? It’s unforgivable. Please donate to my campaign fund so I can get re-elected and keep fighting and voting for the things that destroy you.”

It’s time to vote these clowns out of office and start voting for people willing to put America first.

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