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  • TJ Shaver

Impeachment, but, let's focus on what matters

Elections are being stolen and rigged and interfered with by domestic and international saboteurs, democracy is dying a rapid death after a long battle with progressivism and there is no vaccine for leftism. Riots are still happening all around the country and now the media and democrats(synonyms) are suddenly very much opposed to political violence and riots and vandalism and all the things they've been publicly supporting and promoting and tweeting relentlessly about for the past 10 months because it suddenly and allegedly came from the other side, and it came right to their office doors. But who cares about all of that? The Buffalo Bills won a playoff game. This act of God has led me to believe there is still some hope for humanity after all. Either that or the world will end tomorrow. A lifelong Buffalo Bills fan named me says this right now,

“This is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me that my team has either signaled hope for humanity or the destruction of all creation, although to be honest, I always knew that’s what it would come down to for the Bills to ever make a run at anything other than spicy chicken, and let’s be real, Buffalo Wings might just be the best thing America has ever given the world and that includes Alcoholics Anonymous, Michael Jordan, and freedom itself. In other words, this is the end times. Might wanna start praying."

All of those statements have been proven to be factual by what we call our fact-checking department but that is really just my younger brother pretending he googled it and then saying “um, yep, true.”

The Buffalo Bills have won a playoff game and Donald Trump is being impeached(for a record setting second time, go big or go home baby, onward) for giving a speech where he encouraged protesters to honor the first amendment by practicing their right to protest peacefully. Meanwhile, Josh Allen is exactly the quarterback Buffalo needed, he’s fearless and tough and never gives up and sometimes he looks foolish or makes a mistake but it is always because he's doing any and everything he can to help his team win, even if they have to win ugly and do it in an unconventional way, and against all odds he did just that, he kept winning, and for true patriots, I mean Bills fans, it was a long wait but it is extremely satisfying to watch. People who appreciate a leader fighting fearlessly for the people who fight for them have said this many times over the last 4 years,

“Make America Great Again.”

Josh Allen is nothing without his offensive line blocking for him and a relentless commitment to winning, not to mention head Coach Sean McDermott changing the culture so that every player pays attention to every detail and works to get better every day. Trump was the catalyst, he has never been the movement, pay attention to every detail, get better every day, never stop fighting, and we can still Make America Great Again, I mean the Buffalo Bills just won a playoff game, literally anything can happen.

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