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Ilhan Omar labels 'The Jews' a hate group

Now that the left has gone past saying the quiet part out loud and started screaming it in everyone’s faces and spray painting it on government buildings, Ilhan Omar has finally made the move that she got in government to make. She has officially labeled ‘The Jews’ a hate group, and they will no longer have civil rights. We don’t know yet if this means Orthodox Jews, Hasidic Jews, or just everyone who happens to be ethnically Jewish. This could have widespread ramifications but Omar assures us it is all out of love. Here is an excerpt from her speech,

“For too long The Jews have been able to do whatever they want, and be successful and have influence and wealth. Well, I want success and influence and wealth. Really, I just want power. I believe they have it all because I’m a conspiracy theorist lunatic, so I am labeling them a hate group, so we can separate them from society, and I can become more powerful. It’s because I love them though, I forgot that part, that’s the point I’m supposed to make, it’s out of love somehow. I can’t pretend ok? They’re the worst, I hate them.”

The media only published the line where she said that she loves the Jews. No one as of yet has really realized that she is currently building camps where it will be decided how Jewish they are and whether or not they get to continue living and whatnot. If you point out that she is targeting a group based on race AND religion, they tell us we are being racist and hating her because she is a Muslim. A spokesman for Omar told us this via a death threat,

“You have no idea who you are messing with. This is a woman who married her brother to get him here, which required committing tax fraud and immigration fraud. Then she left her real husband for a consultant who she has used campaign funds to pay nearly a million dollars since she started having the affair that wrecked both of their marriages. You can’t touch her. She’s bulletproof.”

We would continue reporting but there is no point, no one will listen and even if they do no one will care. For some reason she gets to be an open anti-semite, and if you point it out you’re the bad guy. Good luck.

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