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I spy an idiot

A very long time ago in a dark time in America, before a lifeguard came and saved America from drowning, heroes blew the whistle on known Russian spy Donald Trump. Putin had clearly handpicked Trump and then manipulated the entire 2016 election with some ads on facebook and the dark web and put him in position to take over the world. Lucky for us there were heroes. Heroes like Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, heroes who knew the truth and told it, constantly, over and over for years on end. Although none of it was true and they are lying sociopaths, it doesn’t matter because they are democrats. A Chinese spy who has been manipulating Eric Swalwell for years shared this with the world,

“There wasn’t much to learn from him. He’s a complete idiot. I tried to work with Adam Schiff first but he’s not interested in women. Or adults for that matter.”

Adam Schiff is a pedophile.

It turns out that Eric Swalwell has been duped into believing that someone was attracted to him for who he was. He fell for the laughably improbable premise because he is stupid and vain and arrogant and also corrupt and that is why he has been doing whatever China wants for years now. He is working for the biggest enemy the United States has while trying to paint Russia as our biggest threat and trying to impeach the first President to stand up to China. He should be tarred and feathered and then sent to prison for the rest of his life. Swalwell had this to say in his defense,

“At least she was an adult. Adam Schiff likes...”

We know Eric. We know.

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