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  • TJ Shaver

Hunter's addiction causes all Joe's problems

Joe Biden finally got enough sleep to make it through a 30 minute interview, a staggering feat experts believed would be impossible for the decrepit politician. To put it nicely, Joe Biden isn’t a lifeguard anymore. He’s old. He’s very very old. He’s also still a liar and will use anything to his advantage, just like he did with the death of his wife and then his son as well. Now is he letting his allegedly living son blame his addiction for being a corrupt pervert, and after decades of enabling Hunter to continue being a deranged corrupt pervert, Joe is using addiction as a ploy to get sympathy and distract from the fact that the drug use isn’t what concerns people about the laptop. People are more concerned with the million and billion dollar deals that were made using your name by people who also have your name. The part that concerns me is that Hunter was being sexually inappropriate with his niece(who is also his stepdaughter) and that is why his wife(His brother’s widow) left him. Joe knew and did nothing. The Big Guy had this to say about the decades of corruption his family has profited from,

“It’s so brave of Hunter to have a book published right now, right after I won the election. Now he can get even more rich from the mistakes he’s made because of the access and privilege my career has allowed him. But, um… oh yeah, I’m sad, I’m very sad and hurt but I’m proud of him. Cuz of addiction. Ya know, drug addicts are just as smart as white kids.”

As a person in recovery myself I find it specifically despicable to use your own addiction for personal gain, and even worse to use your child’s addiction as an excuse and a shield for your own corruption while continuing to not get him any help and enable him by having his book published and then promoting it in your first interview since becoming the alleged president. Joe Biden doesn’t seem to have a soul and neither does anyone else who continues to push the insane lie that everything is normal and there is no corruption and the president is not senile and he won fair and square but if you suggest otherwise you will be censored or fired or arrested. We are living in clown world but the clowns are evil buffoons who expose their own corruption and then call you a conspiracy theorist for seeing it. Hunter Biden had this to say about his extensive criminal history,

“You can read all about it in my book, not my laptop, my book, in stores now, please go and buy it. That does remind me though, I reallyyyy need a new laptop, it’s a long story but I lost mine a while back and I’ve got a lotttt of pictures I need to store. I mean… I need um… amends, yea that’s it. I’ll get you on that tenth step bro don’t even worry about it.”

They may be clowns, but these clowns ain’t playing around.

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