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Hunter Biden so corrupt CNN hires him

Everyone already knew that Hunter Biden was a man with some problems. Democrats aren’t allowed to know that, but it’s the truth. He’s been struggling now for what seems like his whole life, but that doesn’t excuse his actions. I could forgive him the drug problems. No stones to throw here. I could even forgive some light corruption. I assume there will always be benefits to being the child of a world famous politician. Where he lost me was when he impregnated a woman and then refused to help her raise the child in any way, or even acknowledge the child's existence. With the new information about the millions he made from a job he was 100% unqualified for, and also his ties to the Chinese Communist Party, it’s safe to say this guy is a real jerk. Someone who only watches CNN had this to say,

“Who’s Hunter Biden?”

Who indeed. That is why CNN knew they could safely hire him to cover the presidential race. He is exactly the right kind of person to work at CNN, rich, spoiled, shameless, and willing to say anything to keep himself rich, spoiled, and shameless. The fact that the media is ignoring the massive amounts of corruption of not only Hunter, but also his dad, is astonishing. It’s not just that he was a politician’s son doing bad things, he was only able to do them because of who his dad is. There’s so much dirt on the Biden family I could make a bad joke right here about them being buried alive or something, but instead I’ll just say there’s a preposterous amount of dirt on the Biden family. An expert on dirt wrote this message in dirt,

“The media covered for the Obama administration so much, Biden never felt the need to even try to hide his corruption. He felt 100% doing everything pretty much right out in the open. That’s why there’s so much dirt. There may be more corrupt politicians in our nation’s history, but never this transparent and lazy. It’s Joe’s fault, it’s Hunter’s fault, and it’s also the media’s fault for never holding them accountable.”

I feel comfortable blaming CNN and the rest of the media for almost every immediate problem this country is facing right now.

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