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  • TJ Shaver

Horrified professors realize students have been listening

After decades of preaching the gospel of envy to impressionable young college students across the county, professors are waking up to what they’ve done. They didn’t think anyone was paying any attention but unfortunately for America, they were. After communists took over a Seattle police precinct, Professor Gallo had this to say,

“It was cool to pretend to be a communist back in my day. No one believed it would ever come here for real. So we’ve been teaching it for decades, because we wanted to keep being cool. We never thought anyone would listen to us. We never listened to anyone. That’s why we’re communists.”

College graduates everywhere are starting a new Inquisition where you can be fired if there is a rumor you have had a bad opinion at any point in your life. If it sounds like Soviet Russia that’s because it’s meant to. I can’t possibly overstate the insanity that is being taught in college classrooms in America. Look at the demands of Chaz, the new country formed last week in a police precinct in Seattle if you don’t believe it. A sane person had this to say,

“This s*&# has gotten way out of hand.”

We will keep reporting until we are inevitably taken to the gulag.

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