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  • TJ Shaver

Horn Honking: Worse than 35 murders

You need to sit down for this. You should probably lie down. Actually, buy a coffin, dig a hole, get inside the coffin, and then prepare to hear what the Trumpsters have done now, because you are going to die. They honked their horns at a Biden campaign van. Can you believe we haven’t executed them all yet? After a stunt like this anyone who votes Trump deserves to be hunted down, the way a Trump supporter was hunted down and murdered in Portland.

How can a peaceful protest be described as violent but this isn’t? Sure 35 people died in the peaceful protests and there was 3 billion dollars in property damage and insurance isn’t likely to cover a lot of it, possibly even a majority of it, and if they do the premiums will skyrocket so anyone operating on thin margins will be out of business forever which combined with the extended anti-scientific lockdowns that democrats won’t stop pushing, the small business in America has effectively been eliminated, harming thousands of immigrant families and communities of color. And Don't forget the 35 deaths. But horn-honking? The Trumpers have gone too far. One of the oppressed Biden victims had this to say,

“It was terrifying. We never get confronted or attacked out in public the way Trump supporters do. There are over 1,000 documented cases of Trump supporters being attacked in the streets just for supporting Trump. The numbers were on our side, this wasn’t supposed to happen to us. It’s not fair. At least we get to be victims now though because we are all wealthy white people. That’s what Biden supporters are. Wealthy whites.”

That uninformed bozo was absolutely correct. Trump supporters get attacked in the street all the time. 35 people died in the protests. Hundreds more injured. Thousands of businesses shut down and families irreparably damaged in ways we can’t measure. Let’s focus on honking horns at a van though. If you think the protests that resulted in 35 deaths are acceptable and this isn’t, you probably need an exorcism. An exorcist shared this in spite of our wishes,

“Everyone is obviously possessed. How else could so many be calling good evil and evil good? This is it. We’re getting close to the end now. May God be with you, protect yourself and your family.”

While you’ve been looking off in the distance with binoculars waiting for right wing violence to engulf everything, the radical left has destroyed giant portions of major American cities and killed 35 people, and counting. The protests didn’t stop, the media just stopped talking about it, it’s been getting worse and will only get worse. Keep worrying about people honking their horns you willfully ignorant fools.

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