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  • TJ Shaver

Hating each other surpasses baseball as America's favorite pastime

Baseball has been declining in popularity for a long time now, but no one saw this coming. Unless you watch the news. In that case you probably thought it happened a long time ago. According to the latest polls from the places that poll the people that get polled, hating each other is America’s new favorite pastime. The media is blaming Donald Trump and we are blaming the media. Experts blame social media and scientists blame climate change. A typical American had this to say,

“I tend to like the people I encounter in real life, but I hate the America I see on t.v. and on facebook. I hate so many people I used to be friends with that I’ve lost track and I just assume I hate everyone I used to know. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I hate you too.”

With America becoming more divided every day you would think the media would tone it down or start being honest or maybe even tell the truth. That has not been the case so far. As of right now the media seem to be cheering this on and speeding it up in any way possible. We don’t know yet if Major League Baseball will be suing anyone or taking any kind of action, but we hope they head on over to CNN like they are charging the mound and have a bench clearing brawl to end this thing. A baseballer wrote this message in fire in the parking lot,

“Hate isn’t a sport. At least baseball takes balls to participate in.”

We aren’t sure but we think we hate this guy.

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