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Greta Thunberg takes on Covid-19; Covid surrenders immediately

Good news from wherever Greta Thunberg is from. CNN recently brought her on for a Covid-19 panel that included scientists and experts and Greta Thunberg. It would seem that covid-19 talks to climate change because the virus got really scared and immediately surrendered itself to the authorities. If you don’t know, Greta previously tackled climate change and we’re pretty sure it ain’t getting back up. Greta had this to say,

“How dare you?”

I didn’t actually talk to her. I took that from a Youtube clip. I don’t have her phone number. She lives somewhere real far away. I did manage to talk to one of the experts who had this to say,

“Surrendered? Covid? Greta? Wait, who are you and who let you in here? I tip that doorman a lot of money every Christmas I swear to God.”

He did swear to God, he swore a lot actually. I will stay on the story until I can figure out where Greta lives.

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