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Green energy kills Texans; democrats rejoice

People in Texas are suffering and dying and democrats are using it as an opportunity to promote more of their green energy policies that caused Texas to have this problem in the first place. They forced green energy that wasn’t ready to implement because the technology isn’t where it needs to be in order to store energy when it isn’t needed, so when Texas needed extra energy, they didn’t have it. It didn’t help that the wind turbines froze or the solar panels were useless or that Joe Biden’s Department of Energy received a request from Texas to lift restrictions so they would have enough energy to get through something like a potential cold spell or a snow flurry or some such disaster and Joe Biden’s Department of Energy said,

“No you can’t have any extra energy because climate change. Some of you will suffer and die but you are saving the planet when you let your kid freeze to death, because windmills are going to reverse climate change. After enough Windmill Winters the population will be so low, the Climate God will once again give us the paradise we would have if right wingers weren’t big greedy jerks.”

Joe Biden made a child freeze to death in Texas in honor of the green new deal. He put children in cages in the name of not putting children in cages. He sacrificed tens of thousands of American jobs in the name of creating American jobs. He made it so illegal immigrants who rape aren’t deported but released back into American society in the name of anti-racism which seems to be anti-woman and pro-rape in this instance as well as anti-American and anti-Christian and anti-human which seems to be a theme of the Biden administration so far. It’s not surprising that they see their own disastrous policy effects in Texas and pat themselves on the back and tell Texas they hoped they learned their lesson. The state of Texas has this to say regarding itself,

“Don’t mess with Texas.”

Ruh roh Joe.

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