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'Gray Lady' survives Cuomo; dies of awfulness

Andrew Cuomo, the Ol’ Lady Killer aka the largest mass murderer in world history, has managed to kill almost every old lady in the oversized apple. One who actually managed to escape his murderous rampage, the ‘Gray Lady’(a nickname for the failed New York Times) ended up dying a painful death by failing to do any journalism in the last decade of its existence. Donald Trump called it a failing newspaper and he was right, and now they are making up stories out of nowhere based on anonymous sources and how they feel about sources close to the Capitol who may or may not know officials who once sat next to Donald Trump. A reporter for the deceased broad shared this against everyone’s wishes,

“Just because the cop didn’t die from injuries sustained during the riot, doesn’t mean the riot didn’t kill him. I mean, he like, got stressed out, and that led to him like, not feeling good, and then Donald Trump was bad and it caused an erection, I mean, Cuck Schumer got really aroused… No I did not misspeak, I saw exactly what reaction Mr. Schumer had to Donald Trump, and trust me, he didn’t misspeak either.”

Gross. The New York Times made up a story about a cop dying during the staged riot just because they wanted to make Trump supporters look bad. There is a sustained effort by the entire media and a whole lot of democrats to demonize Trump supporters and make them out to be less than human. I refuse to be labeled a racist by a rapist or a Nazi by a Stalinist or a fascist by an ignorant communist corporatist, which is what has been happening for half a decade now. The New York Times labels people white supremacists but they have supported Stalin, Mao, and now Xi Jinping who might just kill more than all of the democrats heroes combined. This is what I have to say about anyone supporting the New York Times or democrat party,

“You support mass murder and rape.”

What? They started it.

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