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  • TJ Shaver

"Glitch" erases Trump supporters from existence

They were invisible before 2016 and now after four years of the evil that is Donald Trump, his supporters are already becoming invisible again. In the Obama era everyone in the political class and the journalists covering them were so pleased with themselves they couldn’t see what was happening in America. The media loved Barack Obama so much they claim his only scandal was that ugly suit and that before 2016 everyone was civil and our politicians were respectable adults and not corrupt clowns robbing everyone blind. What they failed to notice was that the life expectancy in America was dropping, and that is so incredibly unusual that the fact that it wasn’t reported is astounding. The life expectancy dropped because of deaths of despair(deaths resulting from suicide, drug overdose and alcoholism). People in the middle of the country were dying of desperation after their jobs were shipped to China by both parties over the last 40 years, the opiate epidemic was ravaging poor communities and middle class communities in every state in the country, and the Obama administration was busy bailing out Wall Street and the big banks and giving billions in cash to Iran. Flyover country was dying the way the democrat cities let their poor communities die deaths of desperate poverty while they sat in their gated communities and told us we needed to sacrifice and pay higher taxes to keep this system going where they live in gated communities and everyone outside of those gates dies of desperation if you don’t send them to war first. No one noticed that outside of the establishment that has been corrupting our institutions for decades, Americans were screaming for someone to just give them a chance to work. Obama said there was no magic wand that could bring jobs back but there was, all it took was standing up to China and getting out of bad trade deals and putting America first, and it worked. Deaths of despair started to decrease under the Trump administration. I don’t care how many mean things he says, if people are dying out of desperation less often, that is a good thing. The success or failure of the economy doesn’t just mean Wall Street, it isn’t about the 1% and how much profit they make or how much more they make than you, a good economy means giving people their dignity back, their ability to support themselves and their families, the ability to start a family, it gives them purpose and without purpose we are lost broken souls that spiral until we die out of desperation. Even if there was a glitch so big it made Trump disappear, it will never erase the reason we elected Trump in the first place, because a corrupt media and career politicians and un-elected bureaucrats who have entirely too much power and influence, and have been lying to and selling out the American people for decades. The media and everyone in Washington and leaders around the world want Joe Biden to take us back to the policies that had them rich, beloved and untouchable, and had the rest of America killing themselves with whatever they could get their hands on, in record numbers.

I almost forgot, Joe Biden said this today,

“I have hairy legs, that turn… blonde, in the sun. Children used to rub them.”

Biden is a former lifeguard.

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