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  • TJ Shaver

Give thanks... to your local dictator

Today used to be called Thanksgiving but the dictators running your state have decided that you don’t get to celebrate. You shouldn’t see your family, you shouldn’t make any delicious food, and if you suspect your neighbors aren’t complying with the latest mandates, they are encouraged to call the cops and have you arrested for being thankful. If you are lucky enough to be allowed to share a meal with a loved one, you have to do it outside and wear a mask and stay six feet apart. Aspiring dictator and man who killed thousands of senior citizens Andrew Cuomo shared this today,

“It doesn’t matter what we do, you have to do what we tell you to do, and you don’t get to fight back because you don’t have any power and I do. If I say you close your restaurant because of science even though there is no science supporting anything I ever say or do, you do it because I said to.”

That guy sucks and so does Bill De Blasio, that giant communist freak who has ruined New York City faster than a batman villain. Gavin Newsom, beautiful idiot and shameless hypocrite, has become a petty tyrant with no control and he sucks too. Phil Murphy, governor of the state that gave us Jersey Shore and several sexually transmitted diseases, is another person who sucks and is a tyrant and should be tarred and feathered. Lori Lightfoot, Halloween mask come to life and woman who refuses to acknowledge the relentless bloodbath holding large portions of her city hostage for years on end, also sucks and is a blooming authoritarian drunk on power and actual alcohol. Gretchen Whitmer sucks, maybe more than anyone on this list, and doesn’t deserve to be kidnapped but does deserve to have lunatics plot to kidnap her, when you suck that bad you leave the lunatics no choice. So this year, give thanks, but only to the dictator allowing you the ability to speak at all. One of these brainless meat sacks calling themselves a governor is most certainly saying this right now,

“I can’t believe these peasants think they get to have a holiday even though we told them not to. If they didn’t have guns I swear I’d throw ‘em all in a camp somewhere, ya know somewhere safe but where we could keep an eye on them. Maybe experiment a little, who knows?”

It’s time to stop listening to these clowns.

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