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Newsom, drunk on power, crashes Ca. into telephone pole

Beautiful idiot Gavin Newsom was in an accident today while governing the state of California. People began to notice he was letting the power afforded to him by the covid lock downs go directly to his fine head weeks ago. Recently he started to swerve farther into the authoritarian lane and early this morning he crashed the state directly into a telephone pole. He was pulled out of the car, tested, arrested and charged with governing while intoxicated (G.W.I.) at 6 a.m. this morning. He had this to say on the way in,

"Hey man! What the hell?!? I've governed way more drunker than this on power more times than you can pick up. Look at my hair!"

He had a point. His hair did look magnificent.

Usually Democrat run cities love to vote for authoritarian leftist regimes, but for some reason there is some backlash. Far right activists want to get back to work so they can "feed their families" and "pay their bills" instead of just demanding more money from the Government while those on the left want to stay inside until everything is made safe. No one really seems concerned with what happens to Governor Newsom, including this reporter.

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