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Future former President-elect gets nervous

Former lifeguard and future former future President-elect Joe Biden and his camp, which includes the entire news media, are starting to realize that the crazy conspiracy theorists who alleged that the sacred democrat party may have cheated in the 2020 election might be right. Partly because it’s very obvious that there is unbelievable amounts of cheating every year, but mainly because it’s blatantly obvious that there was unbelievable amounts of cheating THIS year. Pennsylvania has blocked certification, and people are realizing that Trump doesn’t have to get to 270, he just has to get Biden under it. Then the vote goes to the state delegates and the Republicans have more states. There you have it, a future President-elect becomes a former President-elect even though the media was already calling him the President-elect when he was at best the probable future President-elect and he’s been standing in front of a sign proclaiming he occupies the mythical ‘Office of the President-elect’ which isn’t a thing and never has been. The former lifeguard said this today in an interview,

“I’ve got hairy legs. Children rub them.”

Although Biden, a former lifeguard, continues to make this claim without evidence, we have proven it to be true in multiple articles already. Conspiracy theorists may claim otherwise but Joe Biden does indeed have hairy legs and he urges children to rub them.

No one has told Biden yet that he might not be the President after all, and they probably won’t. They can just tell him he won his Senate race, served an amazing term, and is now retiring. It doesn’t matter if he’s senile enough to believe it or not, the people pulling his strings are shameless psychopaths who have been abusing the poor old fella for the past two years in order to get the outsider out and the War Machine Establishment back in so they can continue their fetish for getting rich by dropping bombs and using drones to kill civilians while journalists drool over the empathy and soaring rhetoric and Presidentiality that they see in every democrat candidate. An activist pretending to be a journalist without stunning deficiencies in intelligence and common sense tweeted this today,

“Joe Biden is so wonderful, and nice, and empathetic. You know, all the things you always need in a Commander in Chief. If the guy in charge of the most powerful military in the history of the world doesn’t support 7 year old children being chemically castrated on a whim because they have abusive and psychotic parents who are experimenting on their own child as a means of virtue signalling, then like, what are we even doing?”

Destroying America. That is what you are even doing.

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