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  • TJ Shaver

Fentanyl: A real pandemic (and still from China)

Let’s talk about something that is actually killing people. 120 Americans die every day. It’s not because they didn’t wash their hands or wear a stupid mask, it’s because people that are addicted to opiates are now using drugs laced with fentanyl, and most of the time they don’t even know it. Almost all of this fentanyl comes from China and is then snuck over the border by the lovely people who definitely aren’t bad people and according to democrats are actually the best Mexico has to offer since they said it was racist when Donald Trump said they weren’t the best Mexico had to offer. Fentanyl is incredibly potent and dangerous and people are dying because it’s nearly impossible to tell how much is in the drug you meant to purchase and therefore you can’t even guess what a lethal dose would be. It’s why George Floyd died. Derek Chauvin didn’t help matters I guess but he also didn’t kill him, fentanyl did. Everyone involved in the case knows it. He knew it, his dealer knew it, the people who saw him swallow the drugs on camera knew it, the people who heard him say he took too many drugs knew it. We all have to pretend we don’t know it because if we do then 3 billion dollars in property damage and 35 people dead would have been misdirected. They should have been protesting China and fentanyl and border security. I don’t know what’s in Derek Chauvin’s heart, maybe he is a racist, but he didn’t kill George Floyd, even if he is a racist piece of trash, he didn’t kill George Floyd. It shouldn’t be controversial to say that, up until this trial everyone knew how dangerous fentanyl was. It didn’t stop being dangerous. It also hasn’t stopped pouring into our country and it hasn’t stopped killing people. So instead of shutting down America and ruining the economy and forcing struggling drug addicts to miss treatment and life saving AA meetings and life saving fellowship with fellow addicts and life saving things like having a job and a purpose and a reason to keep going, instead of taking away all of these things in the name of safety while we allow the most deadly drug known to man to pour into their neighborhoods while they are locked inside desperate and alone and struggling to stay sober, maybe we should focus on letting them get back to trying to get their life back, letting people go to work and go to meetings and find their will to live so that people stop relapsing and overdosing and dying because democrats took away their jobs and China shipped them the drug that would kill them after it was snuck over a border that democrats said was racist to keep closed. Or just go on as usual and pretend they don’t exist and let them die which is what is happening. Thanks guys.

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