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Fauci says "Free-Range Texans' unsafe

They say everything is bigger in Texas and I’ll get it over with early so we can move on; Governor Abbott showed he’s got the biggest balls in the country by allowing Texans to do things that are not the “new normal” like not wearing a mask and allowing a child to see a smile. Experts are saying what they always say, don’t do anything, ever, be afraid, stay at home, listen to what we say, don’t let your face be seen, don’t leave your house, don’t see your family, don’t have a job, don’t have hobbies, don’t have a life outside of the entertainment box in your pod that keeps you entertained and sated and sedated while the experts run around in the outside world doing what they’ve always done which is whatever they want, whenever they want. They don’t want Free-Range Texans and they don’t want Free-Range humans at all, they just want an under class of servants to take care of their estates, enough working class laborers to provide them with resources, and other than that they just want anyone who isn’t them to keep their faces covered, never come within 6 ft of them, and stay in their pathetic un-gated communities in miserable double-wides they have to vacuum ourselves because they are the cleaning lady. The experts can’t tell Americans how to live their lives because they don’t know anything about American’s lives. They are out of touch upper class airheads who have spent so much time listening to each other’s bullshit they have basically become retarded.

Dr. Fauci thinks we need to stay locked down for ANOTHER year because he is an authoritarian health expert with an unearned and unprecedented amount of power over the everyday lives of Americans, and he doesn’t understand that they aren’t being defiant or belligerent when they say they need to return to work and have their children return to school, they need to return to work so they can survive and feed their families and their children need to go to school so they can go to work, and just because they need to go to school and people need to go to work. People need purpose and I’m tired of explaining that. It’s time to open everything up and anyone opposing it needs to explain why people have to let their children's lives be ruined when the science doesn’t support lockdowns and it never has, and mask mandates are unconstitutional clownery that should never have been issued in the first place. People are saying opening back up is evil and I say locking humans in their homes is evil and quarantining children in their basement is evil and keeping families separated as they lay dying is evil and I could go on and on but it’s so evil I don’t like thinking about it. I don’t like thinking about how last year, intentional or not, was an evil year where authoritarians and bad people everywhere told the masses they needed to bow down and submit and obey and stay until they say it’s safe to look up, and a shocking number of people not only did it but begged for more and screamed fascist at any who would not submit, and did their best to make everyone as miserable and afraid and empty as they are.

It’s time to drop the masks and live our lives and stop letting evil people force their will on us. Get out there and do something crazy like hug a loved one. Smile at your child. Breathe fresh air. Ask questions. Don’t submit. Don’t bow down to anyone but God and if anyone tells you otherwise they not only can, but will burn in hell. Amen.

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