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  • TJ Shaver

Facebook SUCKS. You authoritarian cowards

Everyone knows Facebook sucks and hasn’t been interesting or entertaining in nearly a decade. Besides the obvious bullying and censorship of anyone who doesn’t vote blue no matter which rapist is on the ticket, It’s boring and repetitive and shows you the same stupid posts in your news feed from people you don’t know or care about and doesn’t show you things from people you would actually want to hear from, if those people are even on the platform anymore and they probably aren’t because Facebook sucks so bad that anyone with anything to say left a long time ago.

Facebook sucks. It sucked before it started censoring people and it will suck long after it’s censored every interesting person and the only people left are democrats who think climate change is a threat only solved by socialism and that there has been fraud in every election up until the one where a senile buffoon who was demented pre-dementia won the most votes in the history of elections. In other words you can only speak on Facebook if you have the exact opinion of everyone in the democrat party. They censor and fact check this page and yesterday they censored a comment made in my own name on a separate Facebook page that wasn’t political and was only about comedy. Facebook has effectively outlawed jokes, sarcasm, irony, nuance, conservatives, common sense, context, facts, Republicans, Libertarians, the TRUTH, and anything else that democrats hate because they are always wrong about everything because media companies like Facebook only allow them to see things that make them happy even though they aren’t true. The people at Facebook are weak, cowardly, authoritarian assholes who think anyone who disagrees with them shouldn’t have a right to speak. Talk about marginalizing people. They are guilty of everything they say they want to stop. They hate us. They don’t want us to speak. They want us to shut up and sit quietly while they enact their progressive agenda that sucks just as bad as they do and bullies and censors any and everyone who disagrees. These people are cowards, they abuse any power they can get their greedy hooves on, and by the way, If I haven’t mentioned it yet, FACEBOOK SUCKS.

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