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Experts warn everyone to stay panicked

At a time when people might venture to feel some hope for their future, experts have stepped in to warn us, “Not so fast idiot.” With the Covid death rate falling daily and testing skyrocketing by the minute, people started to sense herd immunity coming on. Even in New York, which has a Mayor dead set on killing everyone in a nursing home, the deaths have finally started to fall. In every state where the cases are rising, the death rate is falling. Experts aren’t having it though. They want us scared, in our homes, and masked up at all times, even when we are scared at home alone. An expert on panic had this to say,

“When people panic they don’t think rationally. When they don’t think rationally they believe anything we tell them. When they believe anything we tell them they will do something crazy like vote for Joe Biden, a reanimated corpse we found wandering around D.C. muttering about God knows what. Whatever happens, American citizens need to remember, don’t not panic. Panic! Panic! Panic!”

With the murderous riots starting to die down, not really but the media stopped reporting on them, they needed to get us back in full panic mode. That is when they brought Covid back out from where they were hiding it and started counting cases. The previous obsession was the death count but when that stopped being sensational even when inflated, they moved on to number of cases(which have also been grossly inflated). With more testing done in one week than we would normally do over 3 years of flu seasons, anyone would expect cases to rise. Even with the case numbers extremely inflated common sense says that the falling death rate is a good thing. Not to the media. Not to a Democrat. Falling death rates mean panic, and panic hard. Someone who watches CNN had this to say,

“I can’t believe we are all about to die. If I step outside my door I will die. If you don’t believe that you hate science and you want to kill people. I hate you.”

We will stay on the story until we die of not wearing a mask outside.

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