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Experts turn out to just be humans

After months and years of being told to listen to the experts, we are realizing the experts have almost always been wrong. Of course this revelation only comes with hindsight, something the experts don’t seem to use even though other experts claim it is 20/20. The Biden administration has said nothing about their plan to stop a virus that objectively can’t be stopped other than “we’re going to listen to the scientists.” Well, which ones? There are a lot of scientists, a lot of them disagree, most of them disagree, there is rarely a consensus on anything and even when there is, that changes over time because they end up being wrong about “what we KNOW”. Most scientists only do science so they can prove other scientists wrong and that is how scientific knowledge increases. An expert on scientists told us this regarding the science of experts,

“After years of research I have concluded that experts are actually just humans who are smart and knowledgeable in one particular area. They aren’t any better than anyone else and are prone to all the things other human beings are. I have been blacklisted in the scientific community for admitting this however, so I am no longer an expert even though I still know all of the things I used to know. It isn’t about being right, it’s about credentialism but most importantly, having the right opinion.”

It turns out scientists and doctors and experts actually are human. They can be wrong, they can be prone to bias and political influence, they can even be malicious and use their intelligence for nefarious purposes, even worse, they can think they are superior and use their knowledge to lie to the public in order to do what they think is best for us. Having experts make decisions for us and keep us safe might sound good to some people. Those people should move to a communist country and let Americans continue to decide what is best for them, and let the experts be an expert in their field. Otherwise they should generally just shut the hell up. An American has this to say,

“We still have a constitution in this country, and I’m not letting doctors and scientists decide if I get to see my family or provide for them or protect them.”

Amen to that.

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