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  • TJ Shaver

Experts stunned people still listen to them

You know how I feel about these bozos. They are clowns, but we live in Clown World, and in the land of clowns… bozos are kings.

The WHO (not the band. Unfortunately. Roger Daltrey may be a knockoff Robert Plant and Pete Townshend needs to knock off, but they had some hits and are far better than this outfit of miscreants, misanthropes and thieves) does whatever China tells them to do, the CDC does whatever the DNC/Media Machine tells them to do, and even the WHO has been saying for almost a year that lock downs are a bad idea. If you actually pay attention to any of the science you know that the democrats have done everything wrong every step of the way and ignored their God which they call science at every available opportunity. The experts that are paraded through the Machine are usually just whichever person with a lab coat is willing to hop on screen and become a superstar for the heroic act of telling us to stay afraid and terrified and at home where they know for a fact we aren’t safer and are probably in even more danger, and I’m not sure if they do it for the fame or the power or both or if they truly believe they are helping anyone in any way. That’s the thing I always wonder about. How many of these bona fide ass clowns think they are doing the right thing? I can’t speculate but I bet it isn’t very many. If they are experts then they know they are ignoring the science and if they aren’t experts they are frauds. Either way, the Biden administration is an absolute joke, they are completely out of touch with America, Americans, Human Life, and many other things that people experience and the Untouchables don’t. Joe Biden can tell us to wear a mask forever. What does he care? He’s got about 16 minutes left to live and his legacy is that of a hero instead of the 50 year failure that he was. As always, the message is simple, stop listening to these people. These people are idiots. They suck. They don’t know what is best for you and even if they did, they would just try to stop you from having it. In the land of clowns, let’s start throwing pies at their faces until their pants fall down and they trip and fall. Or something.

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