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Experts now just making $#!t up

With the covid-19 pandemic resurfacing, experts are scrambling to explain what is happening. They want to point to the obvious answer that millions of people out in the streets screaming on each other has caused the spikes. They can’t though, because to criticize them would be very bad for the narrative. Instead they are saying protests didn’t cause the spike, parties did. Since this doesn’t make any sense we asked an expert,

“If we say anything the media doesn’t like, you’ll never hear it. So if we want to be listened to, we tell you what you want to hear. Remember when I told you I liked your writing? I don’t. I just like that you’ll print whatever I want you to, because you’re a moron. There are a lot of scientists and few of us agree with each other on anything so keep pretending science is something that’s settled in any way and we’ll keep pretending the media isn’t worthless.”

I didn’t really understand any of that science talk but we think he is criticizing Donald Trump. He may have criticized some of the media too but it’s not like the media is all one big thing, it’s not like we all agree on everything and do everything as a group. I guess a scientist could never understand that since they all work together on one team and share everything and agree on everything. It must be nice to work in a field where nothing ever changes and everything is settled. Another expert had this to say,

"We've been making $#!t up for a while now. It's actually pretty fun, and people will believe anything. Especially the media. You guys are total idiots."

We believe them.

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