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  • TJ Shaver

Experts agree Cuomo is a Bona Fide Bozo

Andrew Cuomo, the guy who moved sick people into nursing homes killing thousands of old people and then prevented investigations into his actions and the death toll caused by his actions and calls it a conspiracy theory even though it just happened and he wasn’t even hiding it just months ago, is once again proving that he is aggressively and comically incompetent. The new restrictions are arbitrary garbage that should be ignored by citizens and police. He is an authoritarian and an idealogue and he is too weak to stand up to the constantly shifting standards of the leftists in the media and democrat party. He wrote a book about leadership during a pandemic in which his state had the highest death toll(per capita, on earth) and he didn’t really do anything except ask and receive all the help he needed from the Trump administration, thanked them at the time, and immediately denied it and blamed him from that point on. A panel of experts convened to discuss the rumored bozo known as Cuomo and came to this conclusion,

“The results of this scientific test, run by scientists, using science, shows that rumors are true and Andrew Cuomo is without a doubt, a 'bona fide bozo.' We have a little bit of good news in that he still scores higher than Bill De Blasio who actually ranked as a 'certified buffoon' which is a barely functional ranking that we usually only find in CNN anchors, like Fredo Cuomo, the guy that lied about being in quarantine and refuses to wear a mask and brother of the guy that killed all the old ladies in New York. It is still slightly above a diagnosis like 'California pedophile and alleged congressman' which is what Adam Schiff scored, but that’s more of a lateral move than anything, and saying it is higher is really a subjective matter best left to the American people to decide. And that’s science and this is a lab coat.”

If you like Joe Biden you can go out and celebrate and are actually encouraged to do so. If you want to celebrate a holiday with your family you can’t. Of course cases are spiking. It’s inevitable. They are spiking everywhere around the world no matter how it was handled because it’s a virus and it’s insanely contagious. Continuing to lock down is going to cause far more death and suffering than the virus ever could and if you argue with that you aren’t following the science. Even the agenda driven bureaucrats at the beloved “science” authorities like the WHO and CDC say not to lock down, even Fauci says so. Member of the KKK Ralph Northam said this after he issued his laughable rules yesterday,

“I wore black face and dressed up as a member of the KKK and I talked about how it was acceptable and ethical to murder a living baby after it is born alive and will survive unless you intervene and kill it. That is called infanticide and I not only endorse it, I push for laws and rhetoric to promote it everywhere. I’m also either in the KKK or just like to pretend I am, when I’m not wearing black face or murdering newborn babies that is. I say all this to make it clear, You knew I was a psychopath from day one, soooo… you get what you get…”

Andrew Cuomo kills old ladies and Ralph Northam kills babies and their rules are stupid and should be ignored at every available opportunity. Give thanks that we live in America and not the communist hell these clowns are trying to build at the expense of the American people for the benefit of the global elite.

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