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Expert factory runs out of experts

More bad news on the Covid front. The factory that has been producing the experts that have been scaring the living S#$T out of us has shut down. According to experts on experts, the models projecting the amount of experts needed to make enough models to project the outcome of the corona virus outbreak was higher than originally projected, and they have not been able to keep up. The expert on experts media liaison expert had this to say,

“The first experts functioned but knew nothing. The second round didn’t function but knew everything. By the time we had an expert that could function and knew something, the market had been flooded with defective experts. This overflow caused us to determine the best course of action would be to discontinue our expert endeavors until there is once again a dearth of experts, at which point we will make too many once again.”

I can’t really follow any of this, but I trust the experts. The models predict that current experts might be able to figure out whether continued lock downs are a good idea in roughly 2035. Other models from newer and better experts predict that the other experts might have a better prediction sooner. However, the most recent projections from the most recent experts show that these experts think the other experts aren't even experts.

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