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Executive orders push supply of ink to brink

Joe Biden, a former lifeguard, has signed an unprecedented 43 executive orders since becoming the alleged president. This isn’t just an abnormally large number it is a comically large number, a grotesquely large number, an astronomically large number. Even worse, the preposterous amount of executive orders has been so massive that the world has almost run out of ink. No one knows where ink comes from, so once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary and also winner of the prestigious ‘The Worst A Person Can Possibly Be At Any Job, Ever! Award’, had this to say regarding the fact that Biden is an open authoritarian,

“Um, well, um, in regards to that question I have to say that um, the Vice President is a woman, and we are doing our best for um, diversity, or whatever, I’ll circle back to it. I suck at my job.”

I may have added that last line myself. As for the ink of the world, Biden continues signing away, oblivious to the fact that he is pushing ink to the brink. He is also oblivious to the people whose jobs he has eliminated with his dictatorial mandates and the soldiers he has already shipped overseas so we can resume our endless wars against war and let's not forget the 75 million Americans who voted to stop his America Last agenda. After years of screaming authoritarian we are finally getting to see what an authoritarian actually looks like. Joe Biden, dictator and recovering shampoo addict, had this to say regarding his authoritarianism,

“Look Jack, here’s the, the thing is, listen. I’m, I’m… I’m so tired, please help me, I can’t do this job, it’s way too hard and I can’t just hide in my office like I have my whole career, I have to actually DO things now. It’s awful. I’ve been trying to act senile for months so they’d just force me out and I could go sit by the pool with some children to rub my hairy le… Haha, who am I telling, you quote me every day on that one."

Yes I do.

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