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  • TJ Shaver

Everything sucks and I'm blaming Joe Biden

Everything is shittier than it was before Joe Biden got elected. He’s not a good President. He wasn’t a good candidate. He wasn’t a good Vice President. He wasn’t a good Senator. He wasn’t even known as a good lifeguard until I started calling him a former lifeguard, and even then, I never said he was good, and no one ever cared anyway. He sucks, his administration sucks, the people pulling his strings suck, and everything they are doing sucks. The infrastructure bill spends trillions of imaginary dollars on imaginary Utopian schemes having little to do with infrastructure and a lot to do with AOC’s imagination and ConGreSSWOmAn wishlist, the border is the worst catastrophe we’ve ever seen at the border, mainly because the democrats promised open borders for 4 years and then as soon as they got elected they said “Where’d all these people come from?”, the “pandemic” only exists when it is convenient for democrats to shut down small businesses so corporations can grow and grow and choke out the remaining American spirit that wasn’t murdered by the lockdowns, deadly democrat riots, and the deadly policies of a Biden administration that is merging the state with corporations which is the technical definition of fascism and when you add their deadly riots used for political gains you also have the colloquial definition, and if you have a brain at all you realize that “Oh my goodness, Donald Trump wasn’t a fascist at all, but the “Biden” administration sure is”, and if you don’t realize that then you are an idiot. Oh yeah, journalism is dead, completely, Joe Biden has done one so called press conference and it was all pre-approved questions and he still had to read them straight off a piece of paper, and he still failed. He is an utter failure and pretending otherwise makes you ignorant or evil. Meanwhile Satan is getting popular, censorship is becoming the hottest thing to intellectualize and ponder in the masturbatory way only the mainstream media can do and still keep a straight face and collect a paycheck without hating themselves so much they walk into traffic, and oh yeah, SATAN is getting really popular. Everything sucks and it’s getting worse but hey, Jesus came back from the dead, again, because he always does. So who cares if the world is getting so stupid it hurts to know about it, the world has always been that stupid, that’s why they MURDERED GOD. But God doesn’t stay dead so **** off, cuz I’m on his team, and we win in the end.

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