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Dr. Fauci admits humans have to eat

In a stunning reversal today Dr. Fauci finally admitted that a permanent lock down may not be the best idea. For weeks people have been saying we need to stay closed until there’s a vaccine, which could take anywhere from a year and a half to four years. Today Dr. Fauci finally came to the conclusion that people need to be able to eat. He had this to say,

“The economy can’t stay closed forever. Because that is how we get food. This virus is impacting humans. After 2 months of official scientific studies, we’ve found that humans do have to eat in order to live. So, we can’t keep the economy closed forever, or the entire world will starve to death. Those numbers are slightly higher than the COVID projections.”

CNN did not appreciate Dr. Fauci’s words. They insist he is being a puppet of Donald Trump, and that humans do NOT need to eat. Brian Stelter had this to say,

“(unintelligible crying and moaning)”

We will stay on the story until we know what brought Brian Stelter to tears, again.

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