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Whitmer: Does this mask make me look fascist?

Updated: May 23, 2020

Michigan Governor and aspiring dictator Gretchen Whitmer opened up today and asked a serious question to her constituents. She has been one of the most restrictive Governors when it comes to covid lock downs and executive orders. After facing a lot of harsh criticism she turned it back on the voters,

“Listen, guys, I know I seem like a tyrant. I know this. But it can’t be my behavior. Can’t be. So it’s either sexism. Or it’s the mask. Is it the mask? Does this mask make me look fascist? Cuz I’ll take it off. I only wear it so I look good in the press anyway.”

Michigan residents didn’t have one unified answer. They seemed to be saying yes while also saying no it’s not the mask. We can’t possibly decipher what they could be trying to say so we just asked Gretchen Whitmer what she thinks because she’s one of the elites. She had this to say,

“I swear I’ll take it off. You think I want to wear this thing? As soon as a camera isn’t on me I literally rip it off and throw it at my assistant. Kendra you little bitch. Sorry what was the question? Oh yea, it’s the mask, totally. I didn’t do anything wrong and I won’t consider it.”

We believe you. #BelieveAllWomen.

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