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Dictionary adds "Edit" option for every word

The dictionary became a lot more user friendly today. After it received one email that suggested they change the definition of a word to fit the narrative, they did it. They changed the definition of a word because someone complained. Realizing there were dozens, maybe even hundreds of other words in the dictionary, the geniuses at Merriam Webster realized they needed to make a change. They followed the example of Wikipedia and added an “Edit” button so that anyone who doesn’t like a definition can change it so it no longer hurts their feelings. The person who made the decision had this to say,

“Tell them I said all the right things ok? Are you recording? We realized that we were wrong to print the definition of a word as it is defined. We need to take into account how the definition will make everyone feel, and then re-define it. Since we can’t predict what will hurt who, we let you decide. The definition of any word is now open to change at any moment. You’re welcome.”

The decision is being praised on Twitter where mobs of angry lunatics are making many of the major policy decisions currently being made. I tried to wonder what it could mean for someone who writes, since they can’t possibly know what will hurt someone’s feelings next, but I was quickly told to shut the $%&* up. I did because I am afraid. If I was allowed, I would have this to say,

“Please don’t ruin my life, please.”

We will keep reporting until it offends someone and then we will shut down this outlet permanently.

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