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  • TJ Shaver

Dictator gets censored & gives up power

Remember when Russia came and got Donald Trump elected as our president and he was a fascist and a dictator and an authoritarian and a total jerk? Well the nightmare has finally ended, America is finally saved. The dictator who followed the constitution every day of his presidency, I mean dictatorship, allowed a peaceful transfer of power and left the White House exactly when he was supposed to. This was after he was censored by Big Brother, I mean Big Tech, leaving him with extremely limited avenues for communication. Someone with exactly the same brain as Don Lemon said this in a creepy semi-whisper that seemed inappropriate for cable television,

“This is the best thing that has ever happened. Joe Biden has saved the soul of America. He has redeemed our souls. The evil dictator is gone. The bad man is gone. No one can hurt you any more. I know he killed everyone and started world wars and crashed the stock market, but it’s all fixed now. The second Kamala was sworn in, every problem was solved. You’re welcome America.”

The people who give us the news are a laughable band of buffoons who should be sent to live on an island and watch repeats of their own news shows until they inevitably bash their own skulls in against the nearest rock. We can make sure the island is stocked with big rocks.

The inauguration was just as silly and pompous as it has always been, and once you’ve seen Donald Trump do it, watching a senile former lifeguard and recovering shampoo junkie like Joe Biden do it is just boring. Get ready for the media to drool over every speech he makes and every outfit Dr. Jill wears and to never ask a single hard question of him or push back in any way. They will cheer and applaud as he returns us to the norms of D.C. politics where the elite do what they want, which is sell us out and make themselves wealthy and untouchable, all while claiming they are just looking out for the little guy whose job they have destroyed with lock downs and minimum wage hikes and increased regulations and tax hikes. In other words, the media sucks, and they suck really really bad. Here's the new president spittin' wisdom and droppin' knowledge and just being generally the best thing that has ever happened to America or really the world and honestly, dare I say, the best thing that has ever happened to the Universe,

“Trump supporters are white supremacists and domestic terrorists. We need to unite, I’m going to be a president for everyone who didn’t vote for me as well as the people who did, even though they are vicious violent racists who want to overthrow the country. Unity. With terrorists. I’m an idiot.”

This guy is an idiot.

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