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Devil woman demands minions murder MAGA

I didn’t know who Cynthia Johnson was until 2 days ago. I still don’t, but I do know that at some point Satan entered her body and filmed a video where she threatened anyone who voted for Donald Trump. That is the only reasonable explanation for what she did, because she was openly calling for violence on a large scale and she was doing it for the whole world to see. A spokesman for the devil shared this with us via a oiuja board we found in the dumpster one time,

“Satan didn’t send that message. He’s not stupid, he’s not that obvious. When it’s Satan you never know it’s Satan. The way to know if it’s Satan or not is that you definitely don’t know it was Satan so it has to be Satan. This woman was just crazy and Satan does not wish to be associated with her. It was possibly a low-level demon, maybe in the sewage department, disgruntled. Maybe he went up there, did a thing, who knows?”

That took 16 hours to transcribe from the ouija board. Worth it. Now we know that Cynthia Johnson wasn’t demon possessed, she was ideologically possessed, and they are nearly indistinguishable. She suffered from a case of leftist progressivism brought on by radical Marxism and a career in politics, exacerbated by her democrat party affiliation. It’s a deadly combination that is currently tearing this country apart and is why this lady called for soldiers to rise up and kill me in the name of Jesus. An expert on leftist psychosis shared this with the sheep who listen,

“If you listen to what she said, it was mostly peaceful. She was only calling for mass murder the majority of the video. Only almost every word she said was a call to action. It was barely the entire thing that was psychotic and terrifying and probably certainly illegal. If it was illegal would I not be not saying as many confusing things as possible because I wouldn’t not not know what I couldn’t say? Case closed.”

Thank God for experts.

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