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Dems dying to get back to war

Everyone knows Republicans love war and just want to go to war all the time. People know that but it isn’t true. If it ever was true then it is equally true of democrats. It’s definitely not true of the Trump era. Donald Trump has been the most peaceful President of my lifetime and one of the most peaceful of all time. He didn’t start new wars. He tried to withdraw troops and the deep state ignored him and lied about it and they laugh about it on cable news. He helped arrange at least 4 Middle East peace deals, mainly by reversing Obama’s disastrous foreign policy. Now that Joe Biden is telling us he’s the President, the democrat and media war machine can’t wait to get back to war, they are already complaining about Trump withdrawing troops and now they are starting the narrative for why we need to go back to war. Your favorite democrat politician said this earlier today,

“The top military experts are saying we can’t withdraw troops. We have to listen to the experts, it doesn’t matter that it is the President’s job, he isn’t a top military expert. Experts are a part of the trinity now(experts, doctors, Science), and experts exist in every field imaginable, so trust me, we will always have a reason to override anything we don’t like, and we will always have a convincing reason to do it, because we always have experts who will say what we need them to. That’s what makes this a war machine, it’s unstoppable.”

It WAS unstoppable. Then Donald Trump got elected. Once an outsider was in the White House and tried to actually keep his promises and do things to benefit America instead of China, the establishment freaked out. The media, the politicians, the big tech tyrants, they have all gone to extraordinary levels to paint Trump as Hitler. Their reaction didn’t match his actions, their reasons didn’t match their level of vitriol, and their reaction to the peace he has helped bring proves they don’t want peace and they never have. They want money, power and control and war gives them all of those things, always. Barack Obama, the most fascistic President since FDR shared this in an interview,

“War is bad. But we have responsibilities. We have to take care of our allies. Sure I abandoned our allies and made new ones, sold our jobs to China, empowered Iran, drone strikes on innocent civilians and children all over the world, and launched new wars, without the approval of Congress, but um… oh yea, Peace. We like Peace. Trump likes war and bad stuff.”

Obama also put the kids in cages. He also blames that on Trump.

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