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Dems decide the Constitution is unconstitutional

Losing an argument doesn’t always mean you’ve lost. If you just change the definition of the words you were arguing about to fit your argument, you’ve suddenly won. This has been the strategy of the left for decades, probably way more, and they are really pouring it on now. Since Joe Biden won’t admit he plans on packing the Supreme Court with extra judges, they decided court packing just means appointing judges. They are calling it unconstitutional, which would make the constitution unconstitutional. A spokesperson for the democrats had this to say,

“Polls say Americans want the democrats to do whatever we want. That makes it unconstitutional to not do whatever we want. The Republicans are totally subverting the constitution by not bowing to the mob. I mean us. So… yeah, totally unconstitutional.”

That is the argument they are actually using. They are now claiming Republicans have been packing the court for years which is objectively false. I don’t know what else to say about it, the Republicans haven’t expanded the amount of judges on the court. They are actively changing the definition of what court packing means in order to avoid saying they will do it. Someone who has a firm grasp on reality tweeted this,

“This is the most blatant gas-lighting I’ve ever seen, and I hate that word, and I hate that they made me use it, but that is what it is. They aren’t even pretending to be genuine anymore they just make stuff up and count on the media to make people believe it.”

Fact Check: True.

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